Respite Care Rehabilitation Service

Consumers can be transitioned from the setp-down unit to respite care facilities. Goshen Respite care aims to support individuals to reside in the community of their choice (independent supported living).

Respite Care provides a low level programme for low-level mental health consumers to continue to offer a controlled community-based residential care environment that:

1. Keeps these consumers safe from self-harm and harming others, and

2. Educates them on how to

a. identify triggers to mental illness.
b. implement prevention strategies,
c. ask for help, and
d reintegrate safely back into his/her aiga, village, community.

Mental Health Destigmatistion Campaign

The aim of this service is to improve awareness of mental health issues by addressing the need to change harmful attitudes and behaviours that hinder community understanding and acceptance.

Achieving this aim, Goshen expects to see:
An increased number of people understanding the triggers of mental health disorders and prevention strategies;
An increased number of people knowing about the services available to help people with mental health issues;
An increased number of people accessing information about mental health disorders in the English and Samoan languages; and
An increased number of people talking openly about mental health problems.