Spray-Plast are specialized in supplying spray-on plaster systems. Most of there plaster systems are new in New Zealand but have been used since the early 1970′ s in the Netherlands.

Spray Plast is part of the Strikolith Group.
Strikolith is the manufacturer of there products and has offices in;

The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and the Uk.

The Wembley stadium is a good example of what is possible with our decorative plaster finishes. (see photo below)

Spray-on plasters

In Europe for both housing and commercial premises, spray-on plasters are the preferred solution for finishing walls and ceilings. The “Spacks” range from Strikolith is specifically designed for this unique application.

The main reasons why spray on plaster systems are so popular by architects in Europe are:

  • There is the additional architectural benefit that decorative plasters can be seamlessly applied to all kinds of shaped surfaces, giving complete freedom of design and without costly joints or fittings that require subsequent attention.
  • Spray-on plaster finishes are stronger than traditional stopped, painted walls/ceilings. It reduces touch ups by 40 % which makes it a low maintenance finish.
  • Our spray-on plaster systems are first and foremost a fast way of skimming walls/ceilings. Labour costs will be reduced because of speed of application.
  • Texture finishes come in any colour available from the Strikolith colour range.

Spacks decorative plasters can hardly be beaten when you combine all these technical, aesthetic and economic advantages.

Building projects, commercial or residential all have a time and budget schedule.

Spray-Plast systems are both cost and time effective. This is true both from the outset and over time, due to it’s outstanding durability.

For colours, samples or free advice about our systems please contact our office.