Spray-Plast has an especially designed interior spray plaster finish for the commercial industry.
The ‘Spack Excellence’ fine texture finish is super strong and is therefore ideal on plasterboard wall linings in hard wear and tear areas (staircases, lift lobby’s, corridors etc,).
A Spack Excellence finish is also a time/cost effective way to finish concrete or block work (no drywall system or suspended ceilings needed). It is a great finish to prepare walls for wall paper, or to provide high quality wall/ceiling finishes.

Spray-Plast texture finishes can be applied in any colour of the Strikolith colour range.
Spray-Plast commercial interior systems are time and cost effective compared to the traditional solid plaster interior systems.

Apart from the most common interior systems above Spray-Plast also has other more decorative interior and exterior systems available for feature walls, entree’s etc.

Below pictures and detail from Spray-Plast systems on commercial jobs.

Project: Sky tower , Auckland CBD

Client: Vision interiors.

Scope of work; Smooth out curved concrete walls.

System used; Smooth finish.

Products used; Strikolith hand plaster ( sprayed on).

Spray-Plast systems can be applied on almost all masonry, mineral surfaces ( concrete, block work, plasterboard etc).There is the additional architectural benefit that decorative plasters can be seamlessly applied to all kinds of shaped surfaces, giving complete freedom of design and without costly joints or fittings that require subsequent attention.

Project: Commercial building, St Helliers, Auckland.

Client: Mark Hoogwerf.

Scope of work; Sprayed all interior Hebel concrete walls and ceilings, also sprayed all interior block work.

System used; Smooth finish on Hebel concrete and block work.

Products used; Strikolith deep primer, Strikolith Excellence, Strikolith hand plaster (sprayed on).

Finishing concrete with one application, strong, low maintenace and in many colours available.


Below a Hospital corridor sprayed in two different tints of plaster, no paint job needed.

Excellence spray-plaster applied.

Project: Herne bay Local bar, Auckland

Client: Vision Interiors.

Scope of work; Plastered exterior walls and ceiling.

Systems used; Beach wash finish on walls and Silk smooth finish on ceiling.

Products used; Specialized-Spanish finish on walls, Strikolith hand plaster on ceiling.

Project: WTC Hotel, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Architect: Heikens & Grunstra

Scope of work: Spray plastered 143 hotel rooms, walls and ceilings.

Systems used: Spack ‘Excellence’ fine texture finish sprayed on plaster board and smooth concrete.

Products used: Strikolith Spack ‘Excellence’

Project: Wembly stadium, Londen Uk.

Builder: Multiplex, Australia