Spray-Plast systems are most of all a fast way of skimming walls, and therefore ideal for renovation projects such as:

  • Old wall paper projects.
  • Plaster skim ceilings, (old texture, or asbestos).
  • Plastering brick work, interior or exterior.

Even the worst walls, can be restored in quality condition with our spray-on systems.

The Video’s below show a good example of how fast Spray-Plast systems can turn buildings around. The first video’s are from a house that had severe smoke damage.

Spray-Plast fine texture finish applied.

Colour white no paint job needed.

This project took 5 working days from start to finish.The walls and ceilings of this big three bedroom house were prepared, re-skimmed and a Spacks Excellence texture finish was applied.



Below a renovation project that had old seventy style texture ceilings (curved). Spray-Plast removed old chip wood plastered sheets, and applied a fine texture finish.

Some interior walls were painted brick and some old wall paper. All interior walls are applied with two skim coats. Area’s where a stronger finish is required have got fine texture finishes (Kitchen, kids bedrooms). The living and dining rooms have got smooth finishes.

Texture finishes are white, no paint job needed.